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    OPC UA is an industrial M2M communication protocol for interoperability developed by the OPC foundation, which has the a cross-platform service-oriented architecture (SOA) for process control, while enhancing security and IOT informational model. Most industrial automation device/system will need OPC UA integrated so the device can collect data and transmit the data to upper layer of manufacturing control systems, ERP and data analytic applications. These devices can be PLC, industrial automation controller, HMI, motor, sensor, smart grid, etc.

    I’m curious. Where does OML and OPC UA fit in? do they complement one another? compete? Anyone have any idea what the advantageous are of OML over OPC UA if any?


    Eyal Sarig

    Dear Joshua,

    Thank you for your question.

    Indeed, we see OML as complementing OPC-UA. Today, OPC-UA does not offer a dedicated interface standard for PCB assembly.
    OML was develop specifically for this purpose to standardize communication to and from pick and place machines, automated inspection and test equipment on PCB assembly lines.

    We have begun discussions with the OPC organization regarding setting up a workgroup to formalize the OML as a companion standard under OPC-UA, similar to the PLCopen specification.

    Eyal Sarig,
    OML Program Manager.

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    Svi Tm

    thanks for info


    Any news regarding OPC UA companion specification?

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