The day after Fraunhofer Future Packaging Production Line

Previous posts have talked a lot about what to expect in the Fraunhofer Future Packaging Production line. We’ve talked about the importance of having a “critical mass” of adoption from the industry in order to help OML get the push it needs to make a real change in the industry.  We’ve also talked a lot … Continue reading

Event Driven Data Standards Help Manufacturing

What is the meaning of an event? An event informs us when something important occurred, and what that “something” is. In a factory, this can be as simple as the completion of an operation, or a change in status of some equipment. The importance of the fundamental combination of “when” and “what” can be forgotten. … Continue reading

World’s-First IoT Live Public Demo With OML

Now that the OML community has passed its first birthday, it is time to see some real action, rather than just hear the hype. At the SMT show in Nuremberg, the first public demonstration of the live IoT connected line using OML will be shown, as part of the Fraunhofer “Future Packaging” exhibit. The “Future … Continue reading

APEX Show – It’s No Longer What you Have, But What You Are Doing With It

With less than a week to go before the IPC APEX show in San Diego, it is time to prepare and set expectations. Traditionally at these trade shows, the area of interest is on advancing machine technology, but this year, we are likely to see a swing of interest in favor of software, taking in … Continue reading

One More Step Into The Future

No doubt PCB assemblies are complex objects, especially considering its size. And that is actually our intention – to create maximum functions in the most efficient way possible. Achieving that though, comes with a set of challenges. Multiple components, different materials, a variety of functions and distinctive physical characteristic all need to be properly handled … Continue reading