APEX Show – Traceability vs. Counterfeit

In November last year, the first ever standard for traceability in electronics assembly was published by the IPC, in the form of IPC-1782. Mentor Graphics is proud to be a key part of the team that has put this standard together in record time, and in such a way as to be hugely beneficial to all sectors and sizes of operations in the industry.

To get to know more about the standard, I will be hosting an IPC “buzz session” that takes place during the APEX show in San Diego on Wednesday February 15th in Room 5A, which is free for all to join. This is the first IPC event since the standard was published. In the session, a presentation will be made about the need for traceability, some information about the standard, and some examples of the application of traceability, only one of which is the dreaded recall scenario. As well as zero-defect quality, the third example involves the use of traceability as an effective deterrent against counterfeit materials.

The purpose of the buzz session is to create a discussion, so as to answer as many practical questions, topics and concerns that people in the audience raise. Here is your opportunity to come along and get a head start with the traceability standard, to be a part of the solution.

As well as the buzz session, Mentor Graphics has a booth at the show (#809) at which I will be available to talk about traceability, and how it fits into the overall Smart Factory or Industry 4.0 IoT framework. The idea is that traceability data and resultant functionality and benefit can be done for “free” within a smart factory environment, meaning that there is no additional operation cost. Automated data capture using the latest IoT technology, such as OML, combines data from many sources without the need for manual intervention, conversion, cross referencing etc., all of which may introduce errors and mistakes.

Come and see me at APEX 2017, in booth 809, to learn how it can easily be done!