Inappropriate OML Activity On Vacation!

With the embedded use of email and mobile phones in our business lives, it is hard to “get away from it all”, even when on summer vacation. Indeed, some people I have known have chosen vacation spots in the most remote parts of the planet simply to escape being a victim of escalations of work related issues. For myself, I am also guilty. I remember one summer vacation in which I developed the interface between what was then a new generation of radial insertion machines with the shop-floor data system for which I was responsible. My wife was impressed with the dedication to the job, not so much the dedication to family. My experience is not unique in the industry.

I would therefore not recommend taking your freshly downloaded copy of the OML specification with you on to the beach, no matter how tempting it may be. After all, when you get back to work, it is a very busy time. For many, it is the start of the peak season leading up to the end of year holidays, and for others, catching up on the couple of months over the summer where people have not been able to connect and teams have not been complete. New targets are set, with deadlines now in sight. Many production, engineering and management targets are related to shop-floor metrics which are hard to improve without a clear knowledge of the complete production operation. If only OML were everywhere already. Certainly that is something to pencil in on the “New Year’s resolution” list, if nothing else.

Looking forward to the return to work into the busy period of the year, with many months to endure would be fine if the operation could be seen and felt to be under control. Then, the efforts made are at least fruitful, the feeling is one of empowerment. Today however, there are bound to be frustrations, as many issues come up over and over again. Fixing one seems to break another, without being able to see exactly how everything inter-relates.

No-one is being paid just to be frustrated. The really frustrating thing is that there is no easy visibility or control. If only OML were in use already. If only we could develop some simple software that would unify every aspect of the operation. Well, it may not be too late, as support is now available for OML training and libraries available for development partners. It just takes a sign up!

I would still however, no matter what, recommend that you do not develop OML applications on the beach with your loved ones. That is a step too far. Come talk to us instead.