Welcome to the OML Community!

michael_ford_pixIt feels so liberating to finally be able to talk openly about OML. It was so amazing though to see during the time it has taken to get OML put together for open use, the sheer volume of demand that there has been for the initiative. I remember being on the panel at Productronica last year, where machine vendors and third-party software providers like Mentor Graphics talked about Industry 4.0 solutions. No arguments, everyone seeing values and potential benefits from a wide range of different solutions based on computerization. But where was the data? An audience member got up and asked the panel directly why we all could not agree on a single format of data. It was so tempting to spill the beans!

It is here now. For those who have registered, you now have access to the first truly functional “Internet of Manufacturing” standard language developed specifically for the latest machine technologies, as well as all of the existing machines in use in the market, and manual processes on the shop-floor, such as inspection, test, repair and packing. The list of potential applications of OML just goes on and on.

We are really looking forward to hear of application examples, to be able to answer any questions that come up, to really start this community off in style! I would like to thank all of the existing committee members, especially those who have worked with us to create this community, being a part of it at the launch, as well as everyone behind the scenes who have been working to make a simple principle into a significant and practical step forward for the industry.

The change in the industry has now started. To those who are yet to sign up with the community, come on in! There is no commitment, no costs, we want you to take the standard, evaluate it, play with it, and see what it can do for you. All you need to do is complete the registration process, and it is yours!

Do come along in a month’s time also to IPC APEX to talk with us one on one – this will be the first time that OML will feature at a trade-show, so don’t miss it!