The Evolution of OML – From Vision To Reality

With the birth of the Industry 4.0 era, there are great opportunities in our industry. But to turn these opportunities into actual benefits, the industry needs to take brave actions that will help embrace what this era is bringing. A strong standard needs to evolve, both in terms of adopting new ideas, and keeping pace with … Continue reading

Should You Become An OML Development Partner?

The OML community is growing almost every day. It is great to see that so many companies and individuals are seeing OML as the opportunity to get started with Smart Solutions, Industry 4.0 computerizations, or even to just create or enable machine to machine communication automation. OML community members can download the complete OML specification, … Continue reading

OML At The San Jose “Internet of Manufacturing” Conference

Next week in San Jose is the “IoM 2016 Conference”, hosted by Global SMT & Packaging and Scoop Communications. This is the first conference of its kind, very much focused on the ability to get started with the Internet of Manufacturing within the electronics industry. Mentor Graphics will introduce OML and other technologies related to … Continue reading