Turning The OML Vision Into Reality

By now, I’m sure you are all excited about OML and think that it’s it a great (and necessary) step in our industry, especially as we’re entering the industry 4.0 era. At the same time, I’m also sure many of you are at a point where you say, ”well, yes, it’s a great idea, but how can I take this output data and turn it into something that will actually improve quality and productivity?”.

The answer is – it’s really up to you, and each and every one of the members and partners of our OML Community. This is the time to be innovative, and think about more and more ways to use OML to write applications that will improve our effectiveness, quality, and overall processes.

Take this use case for example. How can creating an automatic communication between the SMT and AOI machines improve your manufacturing process?

Today, without automation in place, we have a manual and time-consuming process, in which we review the defects detected by the AOI machine, stop the SMT machine from producing additional boards, and then manually modify the SMT program before we resume production. Between this, and correcting all the boards that weren’t produced correctly, this stage can become a bottleneck rather quickly.

By using OML you can write an application that will make this entire process automatic, much more efficient, and less costly, both in time and money. How about you write an application that will make sure that if the AOI machine detects an error, it can generate an OML event notifying of the defect detected? The controlling application will immediately and autonomously stop the line, alert the operator and communicate to the SMT machine the required placement offset adjustment in real-time.

Although your first board would have to be repaired, the rest of the boards will be produces with the change, implemented already.

Now wouldn’t that make a difference?

Want to learn more about how to implement OML to improve you manufacturing process?

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