Should You Become An OML Development Partner?

The OML community is growing almost every day. It is great to see that so many companies and individuals are seeing OML as the opportunity to get started with Smart Solutions, Industry 4.0 computerizations, or even to just create or enable machine to machine communication automation.

OML community members can download the complete OML specification, but OML development partners get a whole lot more. There are opportunities for training, on-line support, and even the use of software libraries to really accelerate the start of your projects. Even hardware for OML data capture from complex machines such as SMT is also available. All of these things together mean that it has never been easier to get started.

future_pcb_manufacturing2It is not necessary to be a key SMT machine vendor or a tier 1 EMS Company to become a development partner in the OML community. Being a partner simply means that you have access to support, assistance and tools that accelerate your plans. We are already seeing many companies coming into the community as develop
ment partners. There is no fee. It could also be you. Simply register to apply to become a development partner through this website, you can use this link:


Looking forward to have you on–board!